Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Cute Kitty Animal Onesie!

Hi everyone!

Today I'm showing you my most recent purchase, this super cute Cat Onesie!

My friend came over on Saturday night and he was telling us how his sister had a retail store opening the next day and we should come along.

After seeing some pictures of the super cool costumes she had for sale, we were sold!

The store is called 'I Can Say I've Seen It' and it is located at 33 Johnston St, Collingwood, Victoria, Australia.

As well a a really big selection of onesies, she also sells lots of cute and funny knick knacks, like bacon shaped bandaids, wallets that look like toast... the list goes on!

Some of the other designs I saw in stock in the costumes were, bat, shark, pink or blue (and white) unicorns, bears... plus some licensed ones including, The Cheshire Cat, Stitch and Jack Skellington.

Some of the costumes were made of a thinner towelling type material, others were made of a thicker polar fleece.

My cat outfit is a polar fleece one!

So why would you buy one of these? Well, I recently moved out of home and away from our lovely central heating. Our current house gets REALLY DAMN COLD in winter (its winter right now here in Australia) and this onesie keeps me SUPER WARM. I find it especially comfortable with a pair of leggings on underneath, plus it IS super cute. They would also be great for parties, Halloween, to wear to outdoor festivals to keep warm or even as a cosplay?

The quality is really good, the buttons are all securely attached and the stitching is great.
The polar fleece feels like good quality too. It has elasticated arm and feet holes, and the hood is a good size, especially for my huge head!

These cost AU $75 dollars, and the licensed ones are AU $85 dollars, not a cheap purchase, but for me, it is worth it to keep warm, and it ends up being cheaper if we don't have to turn on the heater!

A friend told me you can buy these in Japan and you would be looking at around AU $45 dollars, however, then you must factor in postage (or travelling to Japan o__O), plus I enjoyed supporting my friends sister.

Overall, I really love it and do not regret buying it! My boyfriend also loves it and can't stop telling me how cute I look in it (awwww), he also really wants one so we should be heading back soon so he can pick up a skeleton one!

My cats were impressed with the costume ^__^

If you would like, you can check out the store on Facebook here:

or their eBay store here:

they also have an instagram: @I_can_say_ive_seen_it

What do you think? Do you like it? Do you think its weird? Would you wear one?

Until next time!



  1. That suit is just AWESOME, I totally love it!

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