Sunday, 3 June 2012

Potterthon! Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Hi everyone!

So here is the next set of nails for Potterthon! Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

The book was a really exciting one for me, I loved reading it and the good old fashioned mystery that surrounded the Half Blood Prince. I also really liked the scenes where Harry learned more of the past of Voldemort in order to learn to fight him better.

It also sees the revelation of information regarding the Horcruxes to Harry and gives an indication of the themes for the final novel.

HBP also led to a lot of rampant discussion and speculation regarding the true loyalties of Snape and revealed a little more of the depth to his character.

For my HBP nails I chose to  represent on my pinkie, the Sectumsempra spell, 'for enemies' which Harry finds in the HBP Potions book and uses on Malfoy.

On my ring finger is a piece of crystallised pineapple, Slughorns favourite sweet, my middle finger is the cave which Harry and Dumbledore travel to, to find the locket, with the basin full of glowing green potion. My pointer finger is of course the note, found inside the locket at the end of the novel, signed R.A.B and my thumb is the rings of fire Dumbledore creates to scare off the Inferi in the cave.

Stay tuned for the next installment in a few hours, the final book, The Deathly Hallows! 

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  1. This is great. This is colourful yet at the same time has the darker tones of the book in it! Perfect!