Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Potterthon! Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Hi everyone!

So here we are at day 3 of Potterthon, I hope you are enjoying it!

Today's entry is about The Prisoner of Azkaban. This is the book that really kickstarted my love of the books, I think partly because when it was released it was at the right reading level for my age.

But mostly, it introduced my favorite characters, Sirius and Remus. It also gave us more of a look into the past to the lives of Harry's parents in school.

It also got me into the dreaded world of fanfiction.. Yeah I went there, maybe some of you did too!
The very best one was Shoebox Project and my friends and I read it every week it was released! The author also ended up writing some excellent novels which were published and are some of my favourites ever!

ANYWAY... The book really develops characters and relationships I think and for that, I love it. It starts to set the real tone for the rest of the novels.

My mani for this book, well it was hard to decide as there is lots of choices! However I ended up doing something certainly influenced by the book and something that is also important to me and my memories of reading Harry Potter.

The middle finger is a night sky, with a star and moon.. One one side is a black dog/Sirius/Padfoot/the Grimm ;) and on the other is a werewolf/Remus/Moony. On my pinkie is a little rat, that's Wormtail/Peter and on my thumb (don't look too hard, it's terrible!) is what is SUPPOSED to be a deer/Prongs/James.

These are the characters I love the best and the third book really gives you a sense of the important bond of friendship in the group, as shown between Sirius and Remus and the effect that betraying your friends can have.

Do you like Book 3?

Looking forward to tomorrow!

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  1. These are awesome! I love the black dog and how his eye looks like it glows!

    1. Thanks Kirsten! I used one of my fave nail art polishes, China Glaze 2030

  2. Your mani is just a better version of mine. Damn you and your better nail art! :P

    1. pffft yours is excellent Kerrie. yay for shippers! haha! Doing these manis reminded me of so much stuff... and so many shoebox quotes, and my hate of Tonks!

      Did you ever read Jaidas Havemercy series?

    2. After you said about it i downloaded one on my kindle to try. I have to finish Game of Thrones first though.

    3. That is an acceptable reason not to have read it yet hehe. I smashed through Game of Thrones pretty fast before the show started :)

      I'm currently on about book 11 of Wheel of Time, do not want it to end D:

  3. aw, i really like yours. YOu went with good choices AND did them justice xx

  4. Super cute! You did really great at representing the characters :)