Monday, 28 May 2012

Potterthon! Harry Potter and the Philosoher's Stone

Hi everyone!

So today I start a really fun nail challenge, Potterthon!

7 Days, 7 Books, 7 manicures, 7 Participants.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone is the first book in the Harry Potter series.

Originally I resisted reading these books, I think mostly because everyone was telling me they were good and I should read them haha.

I picked up the first book later, when the third book came out and then I was hooked! Silly me for waiting so long. Ive always been a fast reader and I smashed through the first three then eagerly awaited the release of all the others.

Harry Potter certainly helped me to form closer friendships in school with some other girls who ended up as obsessed as me!

So here is my first set of nails, for the first book I did both hands.
On my pinkie is Harry's famous lightening bolt scar, then the Mirror of Erised, the Philosophers Stone itself and Hedwig. On the thumb I painted Harry (Green eyes of course, none of this blue eyes movie crap!)

On the other hand I did HP for Harry Potter and each of the house colours. Again, these are the book colours, not the movie colours.

As I mentioned above, I'm doing this challenge with 6 other awesome ladies, please check out their blogs listed below to see all their Harry Potter nails!

Tune in tomorrow for the next set of nails, Chamber of Secrets!



  1. I didn't even notice the movie colours were difference. But great nails! I love them all esp the owl!

    1. Its just Ravenclaw, which has grey in the films and bronze in the novels :)

      And thanks! I love the owl too hehe

  2. Huh I also hadn't noticed that the book/movie colours were different!

    1. It always bothered me they chose grey as its so close to silver , why not just leave it the original colour..

  3. i loved the owl and i especially loved Harry :) and it must be good, cos i managed to guess what each nail was before you explained it xxx