Thursday, 31 May 2012

Potterthon! Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Hi everyone!

Here is day 4 of Potterthon, The Goblet of Fire.

I must admit this mani and tomorrows, I am kind of disappointed in. I did them both last night but I was really tired after going to gym (I'm still wearing my gym clothes here haha) and seeing some friends... So they aren't really up to scratch! I was also a little uninspired as my ring finger nail got bumped yesterday, as my nails are still very thin, a huge chunk came off, now it is a super nubbin! D:

So much stuff happens in GoF. I really liked the book but I was really disappointed in the movie, I think it's the worst film. It skipped heaps of stuff, changed things around and I think it relied too heavily on the assumption that everyone watching it had read the books. But it did have David Tennant in it, so that made it a little bit better.

The books have some great moments I wanted to capture and originally I had planned to do the goblet, a dragon, the mermaid from the bathroom... But I just ran out of time starting the nails after 9pm.

Instead I decided to do one scene which is a standout for me in the book and very exciting! The moment that Harry confronts Voldemort in the graveyard. Voldemort uses Avada Kedavra and Harry uses Stupefy. The red and green streaks meet and the wands link, drawing out the images of the last spells that the wand of Voldemort had used. The moment between Harry and the Spectres of his parents always makes me sad.

My nails depict the spells and the meeting of them in the middle!
It's a little hard to tell, but the middle nail has some shimmery blue sparks as well as some of OPI's Save Me on there, silver glitter and pink and blue bar glitter.

Stay tuned tomorrow for Goblet of Fire! From the sounds of some of the other entries, some of the other ladies didn't like this book, but I do! Apart from whinging Harry haha.

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  1. These are perfect! Fantastic job!

  2. the collision looks really good x

  3. Love it! Simple but really shows one huge scene in the book :D

  4. Your collision was a lot better than mine! :)