Sunday, 29 April 2012

Aquadelic, Winmax and Connect the Dots

Hi everyone,

Life has been crazy since Easter for me as my boyfriend and I moved in together! It's been really awesome but we have been super busy unpacking, cleaning and organizing!

We also only just got Internet installed at the new place, but we are still having issues with wireless connectivity to my iPad, but hopefully blogging will become easier again soon!

I'm also thinking about starting a tumblr for my makeup and outfit looks to keep them separate from blogger. Do you use tumblr? I'll post a link when I get it set up.

Today's nails are pretty simple but always eye catching, two people complimented me on them already today (and it's only 8.14am)!

It's 2 coats of China Glaze Aquadelic, from the electro pop collection and currently one of my favourite polishes, 1 coat of Winmax no. 5, a duochrome micro glitter that shifts from blue to purple, in a slightly yellow tinted base (these polished are available at Daiso, a Japanese store where everything is the same price, 100 yen in Japan, 2.80 in Australia), and 2 coats of Lynnderella Connect the Dots.

I love this manicure because the sparkle from the Winmax polish really reflects a lot of pretty blue sparkle through the CtD! 

Do you have CtD or any of it's dupes? Do you find it an attention grabbing manicure too? :)

Until next time

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