Monday, 16 January 2012

Nail Update! And some new polishes

Hey everyone,

A quick update and pics of my nails. They have been growing since using the OPI Nail Envy..

However they are still quite weak so I have been trimming them back as they grow. Once they are stronger I will be growing them longer again.

Also got three new polishes in the mail yesterday, by Butter London.

The Black Knight

Tart With A Heart

Henley Regatta

I love them all heaps and they are so much more sparkly than I thought they would be!

I found the application of The Black Knight a little goopy, but that might have been to do with the air conditioning in my bedroom.



  1. Did you layer all three polishes together? That looks awesome! I have all three, so now I have to try it

    1. Not all three, just Black Knight and Tart with a Heart :)

  2. Do you mind me asking where you got your Butter London from? I don't know any sites that stock them and ship to Australia!

    1. I got them from when they last had a sale, they were AU $14 dollars each, I've seen them pop up on there for sale again about 2 more times.

      Otherwise I know that Lady Petrova in Melbourne sells them, I think they are AU $22 each, they have a facebook page and I think they will post stuff to you.