Monday, 14 November 2011

September Anniversary and Worn Wild Markets

It's been a while since I meant to update this guys!

Sorry about that! I've been having some issues with blogger.
Mainly photo issues, so sorry about my photos not being clickable, and looking the wrong size!
If you have suggestions on what I am doing wrong please leave a comment!

Anyway, in September it was my 1 year anniversary of dating my boyfriend Ian. :)

To celebrate we stayed one night in the Hilton Hotel in the city, and the second night in a cheaper hotel elsewhere in the city. It was great fun relaxing at the Hilton and we had an amazing view down the river that runs along side the city of Melbourne.

On the Saturday during the day after an epic breakfast of chocolate pancakes, we got to go to one of my favourite events, Worn Wild Markets.

Worn Wild is an alternative designers market run several times a year in both Melbourne and Sydney, Australia. It features all local Australian designers of alternative clothing and accesories!

Ian and I met up with 2 of my friends and one of Ians friends, and we headed in. It was held at a pub over 2 levels, so we left the guys in the courtyard with beers and headed in to shop.

I picked up a few awesome accessories on the day, PLUS a custom fitted corset I had ordered!

First up are these super cute and gory 'serial killer' bows from Candy Coated Sinner Gore Glam Deluxe.

These were 2 for 10 dollars at the market and I just could not say no!
They have little silver butcher cleavers in the middle, they also had ones with knives in the middle.

The blood is a little darker than the photos as I had to use flash.

Next up is the awesome-ly cute stuff from Toxic Cupcake Accessories

There was so many things I wanted to buy from here. She casts the pieces of resin herself and then makes them all into the cutest accessories!

I got two pieces from her, firstly, this awesome heart hair bow. I love it because of the fact that, it is a real human heart, plus overall its super cute and a great statement piece!

Second I picked up this AWESOME... UNICORN necklace! It is SO super girly, and kind of not my style, but I love it! I like to wear it with dark and gothy clothing! The chain is quite long, it sits around my boobs.

The true colour is slightly brighter than here.

The last piece I picked up from the market was by the amazing Jubly Umph.

She designs and draws the art and then turns it all into amazing tattoo style jewelry!
Her stuff was a little more pricey, and I agonised over what to choose as really I could only afford one. However I think I settled on an excellent choice...

The quality is great and I get compliments every time I wear it!

As I mentioned at the start of the post, I also picked up a new corset. Even though I've had this for ages I don't really have a great photo of it yet!

I plan to do a review post of the corset with more info, but for now have one photo I do have hanging around of it..

Yes! It has spikes!

Until next time!

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