Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Music Tuesday! Blind Guardian - Wheel of Time

Hi everyone!

Here's a quick post to show you one of my favourite bands and songs!

This week it is Wheel Of Time by Blind Guardian.

Blind Guardian are from Germany, and fall into the genre of power metal.
I had the pleasure of seeing them play live here in Melbourne, Australia last month and I have to say it was probably the BEST concert I have been to! They have been around a long time (they formed in 1984), and they are still amazing live! Hansi's voice is PERFECT. They put on a great show and played so many of my favourite songs! My only regret was not making it to their second show the next night, because they played all my other favourite shows that night!

Their music is heavily based around fantasy and often many of their songs are based on real fantasy novels, such as Lord of The Rings and other stories from J R R Tolkien and Robert Jordan.

This song is from their latest album, At The Edge of Time and the song is based on one of my favourite series of novels, The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan.

If you like the Fantasy genre, I would really recommend these novels! I am only about half way through and loving it! I read really fast, so a nice long series like this suits me really well. I first tried reading it when I was starting out in the fantasy genre when I was about 16 years old, but I HATED it and couldn't finish the first one.
Since then my reading style and enjoyment of Fantasy has matured and grown and now I really appreciate the detail and intricacies of the story! But to be perfectly honest, depsite a good friend, my boyfriend (who hates reading, except for these) and his brother all telling me to give the books another shot, it was this song that made me try again. It makes it sound so epic and exciting! And it is!


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