Monday, 29 August 2011

The beginning!


So I've decided to start a blog, partly so I can easily support and follow a whole bunch of other blogs I love, but also so I have a place to update about all the things I love! Nail polish, make up, accessories, clothing and music.

A little about me...

I'm Sam, 24 years old living in Melbourne, Australia. I'm into metal music, as well as a variety of other musicians and styles. I love nail polish and bright and crazy make up, corsets, metal and pin up style clothing, high heels and spending way too much of my money on these things! I work full time for a publishing company and spend my weekends with my boyfriend and my friends, generally having a good time.

Hopefully I will get some more interesting posts up soon!


  1. Can't really see you "follow" button (maybe my laptop is freaking out on me!), but I'd like to follow, and here is my blog too: